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IMEV 3911
What manner of evil thou be in Gods name I conjure thee
Medicina pro morbo caduco et le fevre’ — seven couplets
Title(s): Medicina pro morbo caduco et le fevre
Subjects: medicine; charms
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Sloane 747, f. 57
First Lines:
What manere of Ivell thou be
in goddes name I coungere the
I coungere the with the holy crosse
that Iesus was done on with fors
I conure the with nayles thre
that Iesus was nayled vpon the tree
I coungere the with the crowe of thorne
that on Iesus hede was done with skorne…
Last Lines:
…With all the vertues of the masse
And all the holy prayers of Seynt dorathe
Attributed Title: Medicina pro morbo caduco & le fevre / In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti (f. 57)
Silverstein, Theodore, ed. Medieval English Lyrics. York Medieval Texts. London: Edw. Arnold, 1971: 124.
Luria, Maxwell Sidney, and Richard L. Hoffman, eds. Middle English Lyrics. New York: Norton, 1974: 112-13.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: London, Royal College of Physicians, D1/19-c-27
What manner of evell þat euer thow be
on goddys behalfe I coniure the
I coniure the with the blessyd crosse
that Ihesus was done one with ffors
I coniure the with the nayles thre
þat Ihesus was done apon the tre
I coniure the with the crowne of thorns
þat on Ihesus heyd was done for skorne
I coniure the with the blessyde bloode
that Ihesus bleyd on the Rode
I coniure the with the wounds ffyve
þat Ihesus suffurt in his lyve
I coniure the with the wholye spere
þat longius tyll his hart can bere
yet I coniure the neuer the lasse
with all the vertues of the masse
in honore beate marie et beati batolphi et sanctis apolonia et sancta petro et ville et quinque pater noster ...
Note: A leaf of manuscript tipped inside the end of a copy of Walther Ryff, In Caii Plinii Secvndi Natvralis… Commentarius (Würzburg, 1548), which was owned and annotated by John Dee. Identified by Katie Birkwood, Rare Books and Special Collections Librarian, Royal College of Physicians. Written as prose