The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
IMEV 375
As I went in a merry morning
A carol with refrain, ‘Timor mortis conturbat me’ — seven quatrains (aaab) including this refrain, and burden (bb): ‘In what state that ever I be / Timor mortis conturbat me
Note: Cf. 617 and 634; Ringler Jr. (1992) TM 190; Ringler Jr. (1988) TP 170.5.
Subjects: chansons d’aventure ; carols, of mortality; birds, as narrators; death, fear of
Versification: — four-line, two-line — aaab, aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng. poet. e.1 (SC 29734), ff. 38v-39
First Lines:
As I went in a mery mornyng
I hard a byrd boþ wep & syng …
Last Lines:
…& be at owr and whan we sterue
& frome þe fynd he vs preserue
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2.Source: Oxford, Balliol College 354, p. 3743
First Lines:
As I me walked on mornyng
I hard a birde both wepe & synge…
Last Lines:
…Þerfore this songe synge I may
In what place or contrey can I not say
Timor mortis conturbat me
Note: Four stanzas (1,2,4,3) and burden
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Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 5204.3. [Christmasse Carolles], Treveris, [1528?] , part c, sig. 1
Note: Four stanzas (1,2,4,3) and burden
Reed, Ernest Bliss. Christmas Carols Printed in the Sixteenth Century Huntington Library Publications. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1932 [= Kele, ca. 1550]: 59.