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When man has made a king of a capped man
La countesse de Donbar demanda a Thomas de Essedoune quant la guere descoce prendreit fyn e yl la repoundy e dit’ — eighteen alliterative lines
Note: Cf. 6053.
Subjects: historical poems; Marjory, countess of Dunbar; Erceldoune, Thomas of
Versification: — alliterative

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: London, British Library Harley 2253, f. 127rb
First Lines:
When man as mad a kyng of a capped man
When mon is leuere oþer mones þyng þen is owen…
Last Lines:
…Whenn shal þis be nouþer in þine tyme ne in myne
Ah comen ant gon wiþinne twenty wynter ant on
Attributed Title: La countesse de Donbar demanda a Thomas de Essedoune quant la guere descoce prendreit fyn e yl la repoundy e dit (f. 127rb)
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