The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
IMEV 406
As that a great clerk shows in his books
The Lay Folk’s Catechism, by John de Gaytryge (or Gaysteke, Caterige, etc.), in alliterative unrhymed verse
Note: For a Wycliffite expansion, see 672.
Author(s): John de Gaytryge
Title(s): Lay Folk’s Catechism
Subjects: instruction, religious; religious instruction
Versification: — alliteration — alliteration
Macaronic: Latin

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Don. C.13, ff. 162va-165va
First Lines:
Als þat a grete clerk shewis in his boke
of alle þe creatures þat god made in heuen or in erth…
Last Lines:
…It is endles life and lastande blis
to whilk blis he bringre vs
Qui cum [ ] spiritu sancto vivit & regnet deus per omnia saecula saeculorum
Attributed Author: Explicit sermo Gaitrig (f. 165va)
2.Source: Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.288 (SC 12146), ff. 85-91
First Lines:
As a gret clerk schewyth in hys bokys
of alle creatures þat euer god made…
Last Lines:
…to qwich blys bryng ȝow & me
þat for us deyt on þe roode tre amen amen
Note: Not Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson C.85 (SC 12145), as listed in Brown and Robbins (1943).
Attributed Title: ‘How Preists should instructe þere Parishioners’ (f. 85 in post-medieval hand)
3.Source: Oxford, Corpus Christi College 155, ff. 237-248
First Lines:
Als þat a grete clerke schewes in his boks
Of all the creatures þat god made in heuen & erth…
Last Lines:
…It is endles lyfe and lastand blysse
to whilke blysse he brynge vs
Note: Followed by Latin conclusion, ‘Qui cum patre & spiritu sancto viuit & regnat deus per omnia secula seculorum’ (f. 248).
4.Source: Oxford, Queen’s College 389B, ff. 245-246v
First Lines:
Angh vs haly to halde a uence our god
And ȝe seuen þat er aftyr onentz our euen crysten…
Last Lines:
…With many fals and many foule wordys
Sklaunder for to for do amanes gode fame
Note: Two fragments, nos. 24 and 25: lines 171-224, 436-489.
5.Source: Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Dd.12.39, ff. 1v-3
First Lines:
…Anoþer þinge to knowe god almyghty ben þe seuen vertewes þat
holi writte teches
Of þe Whiche seuen þe þre firste þat ben soileyne vertewes…
Last Lines:
…for mesure es nedfulle vnto vs in alle þinge þat we do
if we life skilfully as goddes lawe teches vs
And so be hit Amen
Note: Fragment, lines 380-446 only.
6.Source: Cambridge UK, Sidney Sussex College 55, ff. 41-47v
First Lines:
As a grete Clerke shewith in his boke
Of alle creaturis þat god made in heven
and in erthe in water or in eyre or in ought ellis…
Last Lines:
…to þe whiche he bryng vs alle owre lord god all myghtty
7.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College B.10.12 (223), ff. 56-57
First Lines:
Als a gret clerke schewis in his boke
of al þe creatures þat god made in heuen
amp; in erthe in watere or in ayer or in oght elles…
Last Lines:
…þat for vs schedd his blode on þe rode tre
Qui cum deo patre viuit & regnat deus per omnia
Note: Written as prose.
Attributed Title: Avntendite popule meus legem meam (f. 56)
8.Source: London, British Library Addit. 24202, ff. 35v-36v
First Lines:
[Þ]u þinge for to knowe god almyȝty
es þe seuene sacramentis þat holy chirche gifes…
Last Lines:
…mekely to suffur wheþer so euere fall is woo or welþe
and þat our herte be noghte ouer highe for no welfare…
Note: Sections on the Seven Sacraments and Seven Virtues only. Text is incomplete, ending mid-way through the sixth vertue. Written as prose.
9.Source: London, British Library Addit. 25006, ff. 1-9v
First Lines:
Als þat a grete clerk shewes in his buke
Of all þe creatures þat god made in heuen and in erthe…
Last Lines:
…It es endles life ai lastand blis
To þe whilk blis he bring vs
Note: First folio written as prose, with the rest marked as verse.
10.Source: London, British Library Arundel 507, ff. 50-54
First Lines:
Als a grete clerke schewis in his boke
Of alle þe creatures þat god made in heuen…
Last Lines:
…it is endelesse lif & lastand blisse
to þe blisse Whilk blisse he vs alle bring þat made vs & boght vs with his dere blode
Note: Written as prose.
11.Source: London, British Library Harley 1022, f. 66
Note: Lines 1-82 missing.
12.Source: Lincoln, Lincoln Cathedral Library 91 [Robert Thornton MS], ff. 213v-218v
First Lines:
Als a grete doctour schewes in his buke
Of all þe creatoures þat gode made in heuene
and in erthe in water and in ayere or in oghte elles…
Last Lines:
It es endles lyfe and lastande blysse
To þe whilke blysse he brynge vs oure lorde gode almyghty
Note: Written as prose.
Attributed Author: John Gaytryge (f. 213v)
Attributed Title: Here begynnes a Sermon þat Dan John Gaytryge made…Et est petrus sentenciarum discrecione prima (f. 213v)
Brewer, Derek Stanley, and A. E. B. Owen. “Introduction.” The Thornton Manuscript (Lincoln Cathedral MS. 91). London: Scolar Press, 1975.
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13.Source: Tokyo, Keio University Library Hopton Hall MS [olim Hopton Hall, Sotheby 1989, post Quaritch], ff. 3v-9v
A grete clerke shewys in hese bokys
and yt ys þe mayster of þe sentes
Note: Prosified version, of which only these two lines rhyme.
14.Source: York, Borthwick Institute Archbishops’ Register No. 11 [Archbishop Thoresby’s Register], ff. 295-297v
First Lines:
[a]ls that a gret clerk shewes in his bokes
Et est secundo sentenciarum distinccione prima
Of all the creatures that god mad in heuen and in erthe
In water or in ayre or in ought elles…
Last Lines:
…It is endeles life & lastand blisse
To whilk blisse he bring vs & cetera
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