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DIMEV 6724
IMEV 4189
NIMEV 4189
With favor in her face far passing my Reason
A lament of the Virgin Mary over her Son — four 9-line stanzas (aaaabbbcc) with refrain ‘Who can not wepe come lerne of me’ and a 4-line burden: ‘Sodenly afraide / Half wakyng half slepyng / And gretly dismayde / A wooman sate weepyng’
Subjects: Virgin Mary, lament of; carols, of the Passion
Versification: — nine-line — aaaabbbcc

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Cambridge UK, Trinity College O.9.38 (1450), ff. 63v-64
First Lines:
With fauour yn here fare far passynge my reson
And of here sore wepynge þis was þe encheson…
Last Lines:
…Who can not wepe thys ys the lay
And with that wordys schee vanyschyd a way
Note: Partly written as if prose.
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2.Source: Manchester, John Rylands Library Lat. 395, ff. 120-120v
First Lines:
With fauoure in hir face ferr passyng my Reason
And of hir sore weepyng this was the enchesone
Hir soon in hir lap lay she seid slayne by treason
Yif wepyng myght ripe bee it seemyd þan in season…
Last Lines:
…Who cannot wepe this was the laye
& with þat word she vanysht away
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