The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
A king there was sometime and eke a queen
‘The Thre Priests of Peblis’ — in couplets
Title(s): ‘The Thre Priests of Peblis’
Subjects: tales, religious didactic
Versification: — two-line — aa

Manuscript Witnesses:
1.Source: Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland 16500 [formerly Acc. 4233; Asloan MS], ff. 257-262v
First Lines:
A kyng þar was sum tyme & eke a quene
As mony In þe land befor had bene…
Last Lines:
…The questioun began for to declair
That is to saye quharfor It Is & quhy…
Note: 359 lines, ends imperfectly. Nineteenth-century transcription is Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library La.IV.27.
Attributed Title: Heir begynnis The tale of master Jhon of the thre questionis (f. 258)
Craigie, William Alexander. The Asloan Manuscript. 2 vols. Scottish Text Society n.s. 14, 16. Edinburgh, London: Blackwood, 1923, 192: 2.175-86.
Robb, Thomas Dunn, ed. The Thre Prestis of Peblis, how thai tald thar talis. Scottish Text Society n.s 8. Edinburgh and London: Blackwood, 1920.
2.Source: Edinburgh, Scottish Record Office RH 13/35, ff. 8rb-8va
Note: Folios now disbound and mounted as bifolia, with sides of leaves (i.e. original pages) indicated by column letters above: lines 173/7-202/6, 203/7-233/7, 351/5-380, 381-408.
Mapstone, Sally. “The Thre Prestis of Peblis.” A Day Estivall: Essays on the Music, Poetry and History of Scotland and England & Poems Previously Unpublished in Honour of Helena Mennie Shire. Alisoun Gardner-Medwin, and Janet Hadley Williams, eds. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1990: 124-42: 124-42.

Print Witnesses:
1.Source: STC 19528. Rolland, John, The thrie tailes of the thrie priests of Peblis Contayning manie notabill examples and sentences, and (that the paper should not be voide) supply it with sundrie merie tailes, verie pleasant to the reider, and mair exactlie corrected than the former impression, Imprinted at Edinburgh: Be Robert Charteris, 1603 , sigs. A.2-D.5v
First Lines:
In Peblis town sum tyme as I heard tell,
The formest day of Februare befell:…
Last Lines:
I am reddie cum on quhan euer thou will
Allace allace than sayis this riche man…
Note: Ends fragmentarily on D.5v in the Bodleian Library copy, Douce R.527.
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