The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
1.   Yas sen that the eyne that workis my weilfare
See 4899
2.   Ye are to blame to set your heart so sore
DIMEV 6813 Witnesses: 1
A love lyric—one quatrain
3.   Ye are too much as in my debt madam
DIMEV 6814 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
4.   Ye been my father by creation
DIMEV 6815 Witnesses: 1
Song of the Virgin Mary to the Christ Child—five quatrains including refrain, ‘My owyn dyre sone lullay’, and burden: ‘Lullay my fader lullay my brother / Myn owyn dyre sone lullay‘.
5.   Ye Briton Martyrs famous in perfectness
DIMEV 6816 Witnesses: 4
John Lydgate
6.   Ye christian people baptised in the faith
DIMEV 6817 Witnesses: 1
On the Order of Priesthood and the Virtues of the Mass — twenty 8-line stanzas (17 in English), with Latin prose interspersed
7.   Ye crossbow men in trouth ye have great need
DIMEV 6818 Witnesses: 1
The Order of Shooting with the crossbow — sixteen stanzas rhyme
8.   Ye devout people which have observance
DIMEV 6819 Witnesses: 10
John Lydgate
9.   Ye folks all which have devocion
DIMEV 6820 Witnesses: 12
John Lydgate: Interpretacio Misse
10.   Ye good men at your ballads reads [Yhe gude men at yir bulletis redis]
DIMEV 6821 Witnesses: 2
On the Nine Worthies — one couplet
11.   Ye great astronomers now awake
DIMEV 6822 Witnesses: 2
The Pageant of the Weavers, the Coventry Corpus Christi Play
12.   Ye have so long kept o / The sheep up on the grene Wilkyn
DIMEV 6823 Witnesses: 1
Sayth ȝe love me best
13.   Ye holy priests remembreth in your heart
DIMEV 6824 Witnesses: 3
John Lydgate: An exortacion to Prestys
14.   Ye lewd men taketh heed
DIMEV 6825 Witnesses: 5
Northern Homily Cycle
15.   Ye lords eke shining in noble fame
DIMEV 6826 Witnesses: 3
Thomas Hoccleve: Balade au tres honourable compaignie du Garter
16.   Ye maidens of Englands now may ye mourn [Ye maydens of Englands nowe may ye morne]
See 3331
17.   Ye masters that of physic ken [Ȝe mastrys þat off phisik canne]
See Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawlinson D.251 (SC 13059) copy of 5395
18.   Ye masters that use blood-letting [Ȝe maistres þat vse blode lating]
Introductory couplets prefaced to some texts of 5393
19.   Ye may see what he is and what he suffered [Ȝe mo se what he ys & what he suffrede]
DIMEV 6827 Witnesses: 1
On Christ’s suffering for our sake — six lines, incomplete
20.   Ye men that will of adventurous men
DIMEV 6828 Witnesses: 1
The Felon Sew
21.   Ye men that wisdom will learn
DIMEV 6829 Witnesses: 1
Prognostics for the year according to the day on which New Year falls — 174 lines in couplets, including a Prologue of sixteen lines and sections for each day of the week.
22.   Ye mistresses mine and cleanly chambers
DIMEV 6830 Witnesses: 1
John Lydgate (attrib.): A tretise for lauandres
23.   Ye popeholy priests full of presumption [Ye popeholy priests full of presumcion]
DIMEV 0.4254.5 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 4254.5; shorter version of 6831 focussing on clerical excess of dress rather than gallants’
24.   Ye proud gallants heartless
DIMEV 6831 Witnesses: 3
Against excess in men’s apparel — two to six monorhyming quatrains
25.   Ye shall be paid after your willfulness
DIMEV 6832 Witnesses: 2
Charles d’Orléans
26.   Ye shall eat
DIMEV 6833 Witnesses: 1
A fragmentary carol of seven 3-line stanzas (aab) and burden: ‘[ ] wasche ȝe & goo to met in honest’
27.   Ye shall turnen to God [ȝe suln turnen to God]
DIMEV 0.4256.5 Witnesses: 0
Formerly 4256.5; introductory line to 4446
28.   Ye Sir that is I-dronken
DIMEV 6834 Witnesses: 1
The Drunkard’s Sons — two stanzas and linking line
29.   Ye that are commons obey your king and lord
DIMEV 6835 Witnesses: 1
Advice to the several Estates — ten stanzas rhyme royal
30.   Ye that be becomen wicked and any work will begin
DIMEV 6836 Witnesses: 1
The influence of the planets — seven six-line stanzas with an introductory quatrain, all in couplets
31.   Ye that be nobly grounded all in grace
DIMEV 6837 Witnesses: 3
Envoy to Prohemium (1206) of Trevisa’s translation of Bartholomeus Anglicus’s De Proprietatibus Rerum — one stanza rhyme royal.
32.   Ye that been set most highest in dignity [Ye that ben sette most highest in dignyte]
See Fakes print ( Hore beate marie virginis ad vsum insignis ac preclare ecclesie Saru[m] cu[m] figuris passionis mysteriu[m] representa[n]tibus recenter additis. Richard Fakes, [Parisius: Per J. bignon pro R. fakes Lodoii [sic] librario, [1521?]] ) of 4105.
33.   Ye that behold and see this deadly grave
DIMEV 6838 Witnesses: 1
Epitaph of Peter Idley/Idle — one stanza rhyme royal
34.   Ye that by this way pass
DIMEV 6839 Witnesses: 1
O vos omnes qui transitis per viam
35.   Ye that desire in heart and have plesaunce
DIMEV 6840 Witnesses: 2
Shirley’s Book Motto — one stanza rhyme royal
36.   Ye that goth by the way [ȝe þat goȝt bi þe weye]
See 6843
37.   Ye that have the king to demean
DIMEV 6841 Witnesses: 1
A warning to King Henry VI — ten 6-line stanzas
38.   Ye that lengen in land Lords and other
DIMEV 6842 Witnesses: 3
The Story of Alexander and Dindimus
39.   Ye that passen by the way
DIMEV 6843 Witnesses: 2
O vos omnes qui transitis per viam — four long lines translating Lamentations 1.12
40.   Ye that put your trust and confidence
DIMEV 0.4263.3 Witnesses: 0
41.   Ye that sing him beware of guile
DIMEV 6844 Witnesses: 1
A couplet paraphrase of St. Matthew 3.2
42.   Ye that stand in wealth and great pleasaunce
DIMEV 6845 Witnesses: 1
On the mutability of worldly fortune — one stanza rhyme royal
43.   Ye that this ballad read shall
Concluding couplet to Isle of Ladies: see 6305
44.   Ye that will hear of wit [Ȝhe that welyie here of wytte]
DIMEV 6846 Witnesses: 2
Storia Lune
45.   Ye that will let good men blood
DIMEV 6847 Witnesses: 2
Variant version of instructions for bloodletting — in couplets
46.   Ye that willen heaven win
DIMEV 6848 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
47.   Ye will not from sin refrain [Ye wil not frome synne refrayne]
Refrain to 1670
48.   Ye wommen o wit harken all
DIMEV 6849 Witnesses: 1
Praise of female brewers — two couplets
49.   Ye worldly folk advise you betimes
DIMEV 6850 Witnesses: 4
John Lydgate; Guillaume Deguileville: Pélerinage de la vie humaine
50.   Ye wring my hand so sore
DIMEV 6851 Witnesses: 1
An amorous encounter — six 8-line stanzas and burden: ‘Bewar my lytyl fynger / syr I yow desyre / bewar my lytyl fynger / bewar my lytyl fynger / bewar my lytyl fynger / syr I yow desyre / bewar my lytyl fynger / syr I yow desyre’
51.   Yearsday the holy feast high day is and good
DIMEV 6852 Witnesses: 20
Feast of the Circumcision in the South English Legendary
52.   Yet came Jesu to the time ere he went to heaven
DIMEV 6853 Witnesses: 3
Southern Resurrection
53.   Yet… / I am
DIMEV 6854 Witnesses: 1
Beginning lines of a song, possibly 2-line burden and a 4-line stanza — fragments of six lines
54.   Yet I see but few can seek […Ȝutte y se but fewe canne sece]
DIMEV 6855 Witnesses: 1
The Wheel of Fortune — eight cross-rhymed quatrains
55.   Yet is God a courteous lord
DIMEV 6856 Witnesses: 3
Moralizing verses on the Earthquake of 1382 — eleven 8-line stanzas (ababbcbc) with refrain element, ‘…warning to be ware’
56.   Yet of Saint George is my will
DIMEV 6857 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
57.   Yet shall Danes these wains [Ȝet shull Danos þes wanes]
DIMEV 6858 Witnesses: 1
Threat and counterthreat in A.D. 1367 in the Brut Chronicle — one couplet
58.   Yet should I here a tower [Ȝete suld I here a-towre]
DIMEV 6859 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
59.   Yet stand awhile and think no long
See Stanza 10 beginning some copies of 1771
60.   Yet tell will I a tale here
DIMEV 6860 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
61.   Yet though he sought to prove me
DIMEV 6861 Witnesses: 1
On resisting temptation — one couplet
62.   Yet will I write of thee a story
DIMEV 6862 Witnesses: 1
Scottish Legendary
63.   Yet would I not the causer fared amiss
DIMEV 6863 Witnesses: 1
A love lament — three stanzas rhyme royal
64.   Yif [Ȝif]
See under ‘If’
65.   Yissing and glozing and fellowship been rive
DIMEV 6865 Witnesses: 1
The reply of the oracle on the Sins of the Time — three couplets
66.   Ynguar and Vbbe [Ynguar and Vbbe]
See 2675
67.   Yore it was I-settled through wise and erendrake [Ȝare hit was isuteled þurh wise and erndrake]
DIMEV 6866 Witnesses: 1
A ‘text’ in a Worcestershire sermon on the Incarnation — two couplets
68.   Yore was a land
DIMEV 6867 Witnesses: 1
One couplet in a collection of Latin sermons
69.   You and I and Amyas
Burden to 5363
70.   You that have read the contents of thy book
DIMEV 6868 Witnesses: 1
Anthony Wydeville (earl Rivers): Dictes of Philosophers
71.   Young and lusty though ye be
DIMEV 6869 Witnesses: 1
On the faithlessness of women — two stanzas rhyme royal
72.   Young and old learneth this lore
DIMEV 6870 Witnesses: 1
On Friday — eleven 8-line stanzas
73.   Young and old More and less
DIMEV 6871 Witnesses: 1
How to hear Mass
74.   Young and tender child I am and suck my mother teat
DIMEV 6872 Witnesses: 1
The Ten Ages of Man’s Life — five couplets
75.   Young man for your newfangleness
DIMEV 6873 Witnesses: 1
Female revoiced version of Chaucer’s ‘Against women unconstant’, st. 1 — eight lines
76.   Young men I rede that ye beware
DIMEV 6874 Witnesses: 1
Beware of a shrewish wife — three quatrains and burden: ‘In soro & car he led hys lyfe / Þat haue a schrow ontyll is wyfe’
77.   Young men I warn you everyone
DIMEV 6875 Witnesses: 1
Verses against marrying elderly women — five quatrains with refrain, ‘I dar not seyȝ quan che seȝt pes’ and burden: ‘How hey it is not les / I dar not seyȝ quan che seȝt pes’
78.   Young men of Waterford learneth now to play
DIMEV 6876 Witnesses: 1
Warning to the young men of Waterford — one 9-line stanza
79.   Young men that bearen them so gay
DIMEV 6877 Witnesses: 1
A song of Doomsday — five quatrains and burden: Gay gay to be gay / I holde it but a vanite
80.   Your books [your bokys]
Second line of 8-line fragment, 3513.1
81.   Your company [Youer company]
See 6487
82.   Your counterfeiting with double dealing
DIMEV 6878 Witnesses: 1
Poem to a deceiving lover — one 8-line stanza
83.   Your eyen two will slay me suddenly
DIMEV 6879 Witnesses: 2
Geoffrey Chaucer: Merciles Beaute (Chaucer)
84.   Your goodlihood mine hearts lady dear
DIMEV 6880 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
85.   Your light grievance shall not me constrain
DIMEV 6881 Witnesses: 1
A song to his uncertain mistress — four monorhyming quatrains (same rhyme throughout) with refrain and burden: ‘How shold Y plece a creature uncerteyne’
86.   Your mind considered and your good intent
Coplande’s preface to William Nevill’s Castell of Pleasure in the de Worde edition of c. 1530, in the form of a dialogue between Coplande and Neville: see Neville, William, The castell of pleasure The conueyaunce of a dreme how Desyre went to the castell of pleasure, wherin was the gardyn of affeccyon inhabyted by Beaute to whome he amerously expressed his loue vpon ye whiche supplycacyon rose grete stryfe dysputacyon, and argument betwene Pyte and Dysdayne, [Ed.? (R. Copland) Enprynted at London: In the Fletestrete at the sygne of the Sonne by Wynkyn de worde, [1530?]] version of 6083.
87.   Your mouth it sayeth me bas me bas sweet
DIMEV 6882 Witnesses: 1
Charles d’Orléans
88.   Your pye e
DIMEV 6883 Witnesses: 1
Fragment of a song with musical notation — fragment
89.   Your servant madam
DIMEV 6884 Witnesses: 1
A dialogue of the night visit — ten irregular stanzas with burden: ‘Go fro my vindow go…’
90.   Your sweet love with bloody nails / Which fedeth more lice than quails [Youre swete loue wyth blody naylys / Whyche fedyth mo lyce than quaylis…]
Couplet introduction to 3902
91.   Your ugly token
DIMEV 6885 Witnesses: 2
John Skelton: Vppon a deedmans hede (Skelton)
92.   Youth lust reaches or manhood
DIMEV 6886 Witnesses: 1
An Exhortation to God’s Service — twelve monorhyming quatrains and burden: ‘When all ys don and all ys sayd / God must be known seruyd & obeid’
93.   Youth ne can not but leaden me will
DIMEV 6887 Witnesses: 1
John Grimestone
94.   Youth withouten elding
DIMEV 6888 Witnesses: 1
XII gaudia Celi — six couplets
95.   Yry yry standard
DIMEV 6889 Witnesses: 2
A scrap on the Battle of the Standard, ca. A.D. 1138
96.   Y-turnd into ioye is al my wo
See 5349